And the winner is…

March 21, 2007

Jill Skalla was selected as Conservative Parliamentary Candidate at a packed open primary meeting this evening.  More news to follow later. 


March 19, 2007

The Candidates

March 19, 2007


I will be a positive Conservative alternative for the people of Colchester who face living under another four to five years of a Labour government I will represent the people of Colchester on issues that affect their quality of life. 

  • Crime – I want more police on the beat, stronger sentences and more prison places to deal with rising crime in Colchester;
  • Health – I will support the Conservative health reforms which will help reduce Labour’s under-funding of Colchester’s health service;
  • Armed Forces – I will strongly campaign to make sure British troops, especially those based in Colchester, have adequate equipment, armour and healthcare. 

I have the maturity, communication skills and experience of representing people and business in public life to successfully stand up for the law-abiding silent majority in Colchester.   I have stood for Parliament twice, been a councillor and currently work in public relations and work voluntarily for a charity supporting male victims of domestic violence. Fiona and I will move to Colchester from Kent as soon as we can after I am selected as the candidate. 


You can download Sarah Candy’s leaflet here: sarah-candy.pdf


I was born in Essex, am married to Bernard and mother to Sam 14 and Louisa 12. I have been an active Conservative since campaigning in the second general election of 1974. I have worked in general lections, by-elections and stood in a local election.

After working as a Cost Analyst for the Daily Mail Group I moved to National Children’s Homes as Head of Operations. Through building a strong team and introducing sensible procedures we achieved savings of £1million, enabling many projects to continue. Besides working in a national children’s charity, I am a school governor and for over 7 years worked in a voluntary capacity as a Mental Health Act Manager in open and secure units, helping adults with learning difficulties. 

I believe I am the best candidate for Colchester bringing experience, energy and a natural integrity. I believe we must support those who save for their future, those who want a sound education for their children and those who need the NHS. I am committed to reducing the states role, cutting wasteful bureaucracy and introducing grammar style streaming. I will work passionately to become the face of Colchester and win Colchester back for the Conservatives.


I am married to Mari-Louise and we have two children. I have my own business in Epping some 40 minutes from Colchester. I am the Deputy Leader of Epping Forest District Council and am actively involved in the local community.  

My broad life experience means that I share the same desires and aspirations of local people. I came into politics to make a difference and make a better future for all.I am an experienced, committed and successful campaigner giving me the qualities to take our message to every corner of Colchester.

My priorities are those shared by residents across Colchester:

On law and order – I am on the side of residents who want to see police on the beat not sat in offices tied up in red tape.

On Education – I am on the side of parents who want to see their children get the best opportunities in life.

On Health – I am on the side of the National Health Service. I want to set the health professional free to decide on medical priorities not according to government targets.

On the Environment – I agree with those who believe we have a duty to protect the future of our world.

On Europe – I am on the side of those who believe that we should ‘be in Europe not run by
Europe” I will fight to defend our Country’s sovereignty and stop any further integration.
 I will work tirelessly with our Councillors and local campaigners to represent the people of Colchester.  


February 20, 2007


Your local Conservatives have opened their parliamentary candidate selection up to members of the public.  An Open Primary will be held to select you next Conservative parliamentary candidates.  To vote, you must be over the age of 18 and on the electoral register in the Colchester constituency.

 More details to follow…….